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१. सोनेतारण कर्ज प्रति तोळा रक्कम रु .४२,००० उपलब्ध. संपर्कासाठी मो.नं . ०८०६९१६५५५५       2)आपण कुठल्याही शहरात असाल तरी आपण FD करू शकता ऑनलाइन पद्धतीने संपर्कासाठी मो.नं . ०८०६९१६५५५५      

Core Banking

Core banking is a banking service provided by a group of networked bank branches where customers may access their bank account and perform basic transactions from any of the member branch offices.

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Co-operative Banking is Retail and Commercial Banking Organized on a Co-operative basis.
Co-operative Banking, as discussed here, includes Retail Banking carried out by credit unions, Mutual Savings Bank, Building Societies
and Co-operatives, as well as Commercial Banking services provided by mutual organizations (such as Co-operative federations) to
Co-operative businesses.
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saving depo
Saving Deposit Scheme
Premium deposits benefits
with Quarterly Average balance
of Rs. 10000/-
saving depo
Term Deposit Schemes
Term deposit schemes based
on interest payout with minimum
deposit- Rs. 1000/-
saving depo
Business Loan Schemes
Credit for Industries &
Overdraft & Working capital
loan schemes

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